Help to organise some aspect of the club

The GYSL organization team & coaches are volunteers and they rely on others to help. If you wish to help out please approach any of the organizers who will be at soccer on Saturdays.

Coaching or assisting one of the teams

You can help out by offering to coach or assist the other coaches, especially if you see that they are short-staffed on a particular Saturday. Do not wait to be asked, simply offer your help.

Helping your children to understand the aims of the club

One of the aims of GYSL is to instill good sportsmanship in children. We aim for the soccer to be played in a good spirit. If your child finishes a match in tears because their team has lost the game or because they disagree with a referee’ s decision, please help us by explaining our approach to them. In some cases it can be hard to accept the rules of the game and that the referee’ s decision is final. The children can be extremely competitive and do not like to lose. Explain to them that taking part and playing well is equally as important as winning. Referee’ s can make mistakes too!

If you are standing on the sidelines chatting to other parents, please keep an eye on the training session and games . If you see your child misbehaving or refusing to take part in an activity, please come onto the pitch and encourage them to join in or stop their bad behaviour.

The coaches appreciate your interest and support for the children. Your feedback (constructive of course!) to the coaches can be a great help as well.


We expect at least one parent to stay and watch the session and provide encouragement to their children. The coaches are not professional teachers and do not expect to act as babysitters for badly behaved children or those who would prefer to be elsewhere.

Pets at home please!

Please do not bring dogs or other pets to the outdoor venue – they can frighten some children and cause disruption to games and chase footballs when let off the lead.