What minimum skill level does my child need to have to be able join GYSL?

GYSL has always stressed the importance of children’s contribution, despite their skill or ability level. We try to focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and fundamentals, while ensuring that each child has a fun and memorable experience.

Are GYSL Organizers and/or Coaches paid?

No, GYSL Organizers or Coaches do not get paid for their services. GYSL is a non-profit organization. Please be aware that it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to put together and run a program of this size. The entire program runs with volunteer help and we can always use more volunteers. We would like all participants and their parents to take the time to show appreciation for the coaches, without which the Guangzhou Youth Soccer League would not be possible. The organizers, coaches are an example of people who are willing to give something back to the community and its children. Each year the coaches donate the time and effort needed to run the teams of the league. We especially appreciate the first year coaches and others who have “stepped up to the plate” when there was a need for someone to take responsibility for a team.

Will the games be cancelled in case of rain?

Bad weather cancellations decisions if needed will be made by GYSL by 7:45am on gamedays and communicated by phone calling tree. Age-Division Leaders will call Coaches who’ll then call or SMS their team’s parents with the cancellation notice no later than 8:00am. No call means games are on!

What Team will be my child on?

Teams will be put together based on age with as far as is possible an equal mixture of different sexes, sizes and play levels. Based on learnings made past years, we will only ensure that volunteer coaches will be in the same team as their kids. We will NOT consider any other wishes to play together with other kids, but will decide which child plays in which team by drawing. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early! The coach of your team will contact you. Teams, team name, coach and lead team helper will be posted on the Website:

What will happen on first play day, Gameday-1?

Age Division Leaders and Coaches will organize the distribution of equipment prior to parents and players arrival to join the Team. This will be followed by a brief Welcome and Opening speech followed by Games start. More details will be communicated via email to all registered parent and players prior to Gameday-1.

How will I know when games will begin and end?

For your team’s schedule visit . These details will also be available on the announcement board on the field. Games will begin at 9:00am and end at around 1:30pm. Each team will play 2 Games. In between games, your child will either have time off to rest/play/watch other games with family/friends in or participate in training sessions with their team and coaches. When your child is not scheduled to be with his/her coach, please ensure that he/she is either in the appropriate spectator areas or Family Areas.

What will may child's uniform consist of?

GYSL will provide 1 set: shirt , socks and shorts. GYSL will not provide shoes or shin guards. However, SHIN GUARDS ARE REQUIRED. All players MUST wear shin guards or they will required to leave the field of play.

Where can I buy shin guards and shoes?

Shin guards and Shoes can be purchased at many sports shops all over Guangzhou.

Do we need to bring our own drinks and food?

UISG will supply drinking water for players & coaches via water dispensers located pitchside. The GYSL organization strongly urge all to bring their own re-usable bottles or mugs to avoid creating waste from singleuse bottles or cups. Alternatively, a wide selection of hot or cold beverages can be purchased at the All-SportsCafe.

What is the role of a Team Mom / Dad?

Each child’s Mother or Father will be asked to bring snacks for the entire team for one Saturday of the season. You will be contacted by the Team Helper Coordinator for your child’s team.

Who is responsible for cleaning and keeping my child's uniform?

Players/parents will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining uniforms. Please write your child’s name on the inside of his/her uniform for easy identification.